lu3226 Victoria 45 y.o.

lu3226 Victoria 45 y.o.
With a playful sense of humor that sparks laughter and a caring nature that radiates warmth, I bring a delightful blend of joy and compassion to any relationship. Life with me is an adventure filled with shared laughter, heartfelt conversations, and a genuine love that envelops you like a cozy embrace.” I pride myself on being both the funny bone and the tender heart. As a naturally witty and caring individual, I find joy in bringing smiles to faces and creating an environment of love and support. As a hopeless romantic, I find magic in the little moments, crafting unforgettable memories filled with candlelit dinners, stargazing escapades, and handwritten love notes. With me, you`ll discover a world where romance intertwines with happiness, creating a vibrant tapestry of joy and heartfelt connection. Happiness is not just a state of being for me; it`s a contagious energy that infuses every aspect of my life. Traveling isn`t just a hobby for me, it`s a lifestyle that breathes adventure into my soul. Reading, for me, is like embarking on countless journeys from the comfort of a cozy nook. It`s the scent of old pages, the rush of a plot twist, and the whisper of hidden wisdom that makes each book a cherished companion.” Combined, my love for travel and books makes life an extraordinary journey of both tangible adventures and profound introspection. I am seeking a man who embodies vitality and an adventurous spirit, someone who embraces an active lifestyle and shares my enthusiasm for exploring the world around us. Together, we can embark on thrilling escapades, indulge in thrilling activities, and create a life brimming with vitality and shared passions. I am drawn to a man who is not just physically active, but also mentally engaged, someone who shares my thirst for knowledge and open-mindedness. Let`s engage in deep conversations, exchange ideas, and challenge each other to grow, creating a dynamic partnership fueled by intellectual curiosity and shared perspectives.
Date of birth June 6, 1978
Sign of the zodiac Gemini (21.05-21.06)
Marital status divorced
Children son 2002, son 2011
Height 170
Weight 60
Colour of eyes green
Colour of hair blond
Education higher
Knowledge of languages good English
Place of work cosmetologist
City Berlin
Country Ukraine